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Lucyd Lens will be the first easy-to-use ergonomic Smartglas

 Lucyd Lens will be the first easy-to-use ergonomic Smartglas

Lucyd Lens Smartglas design an interactive AR display that uses your smartphone to process power and data. With the lens, you can look up from your phone and see all your favorite apps in a large, smooth AR interface. 

With a 120 degree improved field of view, more than 3x larger than all available SmartGlasses, and a discreet body that looks like normal specifications, Lucyd has the technology to reach the AR mainstream. We're launching LCD tokens to secure funding for a prototype and create the Lucyd Lab Blockchain app to control the creation of native content. 

The first 500 pairs of Lucyd Lens are reserved for LCD holders only and give the token sellers the chance to be among the first to own the glasses of the future.

Let's take a look at the Roadmap

Lucyd launches LCD token sales to develop the glasses of the future. Our next-generation AR display will bring the cloud directly to your mind.

Watch the video to see how Lucyd can change your interaction with others, the world, and the youtube. Enjoy! Link

The LCD token executes the blockchain Lucyd Lab. 

Lucyd Lab promotes the development of organic apps and user engagement by rewarding positive contributions to the Lucyd ecosystem (app development, content, user reports, etc.) with LCD. LCD can be used to source AR hardware and content from Lucyd, if available. For example, Lucyd predicts that 5,000 LCDs can be exchanged for a pair of basic Lucyd Lens smartglasses.

In addition, we reserve the first 500 production pairs of Lucyd Lens only for purchase via LCD. Buying LCD gives you the opportunity to be among the first to wear the eyewear of the future and help Lucyd bring you the best that AR has to offer. For complete information on Lucyd Lab's LCD token sales and blockchain, see the whitepaper.

AR SmartGlasses offer compelling opportunities in industry, entertainment, enterprise, education and education with numerous features that comfort and productivity. The market and the momentum  have shifted dramatically in favor of AR applications. 

Consumers benefit from Lucyd's technology advantages, such as advanced eye tracking, 120 ° a comprehensive field of view, an optical correction option, a low-profile form factor and customizable control scheme. We believe that Lucyd Lens transformative applications in commercial, government and personal areas. 

AR is a competitive space, and leading companies are trying to create mass market smartglasses. So far, however, other companies have AR displays that are bulky and / or expensive and their mass appeal. Lucyd is not subject to the bureaucracy and internal constraints faced by our tech giant competitors and we think our nimble, capable team allows us to move around the room with less friction and dreams have the faintest glasses come true.

Contribute now : https://lcd.lucyd.co/

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